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Product NameThe Lost Ways
AuthorClaude Davis
Where to Buy?www.TheLostWays.com

We are currently living in a world where absolutely anything can occur. For most of us, catastrophes such as war, famine and other unfortunate incidents such as shortage of healthcare amenities and basic needs such as water are just but a fairy tale.

Looking at it from a historical perspective, our current lifestyles and times are the best times of our lives. Why? There is electricity, proper healthcare, and infrastructure; and it is not uncommon that we take all this for granted.

Just like the weather, even with good things rolling for us, the world can change in an instant. As such, it is not only essential but also crucial that we protect both ourselves and our families. To help us with this, there are of course hundreds if not thousands of disaster preparation books and other courses that outline distinct steps to do so-several are useful, while others are a just pure plain text for the commercial benefit of the publishers.

Nonetheless, there is a particular one that stands out above the crop and it goes by the name The Lost Ways.


In all simplicity, “The Lost Ways” is generally a comprehensive 300+ page guide that offers an exclusive outline on how to not only survive but also steer through any catastrophe like natural disasters, war and even economic depression through relying on techniques and information passed down generations from our ancestors.

The guide is authored by Claude Davis-a professional prepper with a vast-ranging experience spanning well over thirty years and also an owner of a fan favorite website-“AskAPrepper”.

According to him, the world and particularly America has changed and not for the better. He further expounds that as a result of convenience as with modern society, Americans are leading an overly complacent and comfortable lifestyle where everything is easily accessible and available. But what would happen suppose all these ‘luxuries’ suddenly vanished? It is plain outright, they would surely lack be short of the essential survival skills and knowledge.

Claude Davis is of the opinion that it would significantly benefit the American community at large if they retraced their ancestral roots and considered the techniques their forefathers applied in surviving and prospering devoid of modern technology and conveniences like electricity, the internet and mobile phones among other accessories.

The main goal of the author was to establish a guide with the necessary survival skills and information useful to the Americans in a constantly changing society in case they experienced a disaster first-hand.


The book has a wide array of information to peruse through but below is some of the key topics and techniques you can learn from this guide:

Food: In the ‘Lost Ways’ Davis provides a detailed outline of some nutritious food recipes that were initially used by American Native Scouts and which Americans can find useful even in the modern era. These recipes educate individuals on preparing nutritious food by relying on readily available and common ingredients.

Traps: Forming traps can offer a consistent food supply where there is an acute food shortage. With this, this guide offers various techniques that can be used in constructing traps not to mention catching numerous species of animals –particularly during winter.

Housing: Shelter is among the most vital basic needs for human survival and with this in mind; Davies provides detailed outlines in this book on some of the best ways of constructing underground houses. The technique highlighted is similar to the one utilized buy Native Americans where the houses are spacious enough to accommodate a maximum 4 families.

Water: In catastrophes, clean and safe water can be a scarce commodity. In this book, there are various ways outlined on how water can be collected and subsequently stored using the least of resources.

Poultices: Also featured in the Lost Ways is a long faded art of making poultices. Davies outlines several ways of making this by use of ancient ingredients previously useful during the ancestral area.

Bullets: In this particular guide segment, the author alludes to an earlier account where a group of individuals wondered across the west but never at once went short of bullets. This in particular aims at providing insight for bullet preservation and what to do if they ultimately get depleted.

Moreover, this book by Claude Davies is accompanied by 2 additional special reports at no added cost:

1st Report: This report gives you insight on plants that boast most nutrients together with an explanation of the strongest ones. This will give you a better understanding of the type of garden you need to cultivate to boost your survival chances in the event a catastrophe occurs.

2nd Report 2: In this one, you get exclusive insight on how to properly build a rotator comprising numerous cans (700 minimum)


1. It is more comprehensive and educative compared to its competitors

With the market stocked with survival books and guides, it is important to get one that has useful information relevant in the modern era. When a catastrophe occurs, little is salvaged and this is where the techniques come in handy. Compared to other available guides, this book offers more information and covers more scenarios.

2. Any time tips and information

Not only are the techniques and tips outlined in this guide useful for catastrophe times, but are also effective in most time and place provisions. Moreover, most of those items mentioned in the guide are surprisingly easily accessible making them quite convenient.

3. It is a step-by-step guidance that is quite easy to use

As opposed to numerous other techniques and guides that offer intricate solutions that need experience or competence to utilize, the techniques as provided for by The Lost Ways are easy enough to be practiced by amateurs.

4. It is accompanied by two practical bonus provisions

As earlier mentioned and delineated, The Lost Ways Book come together with 2 free reports on best nutritional plants to cultivate and how one can build a rotator- all important aspects of being self-sufficient and saving money.

5. Refund Guarantee (60-Day)

The Lost Ways guide comes with a special 60-day money guarantee and alluding to Claude Davis words, if the guide does not fully satisfy you, you are at liberty to contact the support team although before the 60-day lapses to demand full compensation. This cements the authenticity and quality of the item.


1. It is a digital format only guide

This is, unfortunately, a digital format type of program which can only be purchased online.

2. It requires you to take active action

Purchasing and reading the guide is one thing, nonetheless, there is more to it since you need to practice the techniques and train yourself on how to handle the catastrophic incidences.


Disasters are quite unpredictable and unforgiving and if you don’t want to be found unprepared, then your sure bet to proper preparation and ultimate survival is The Lost Ways! It is equipped with an assortment of diverse techniques and information that is relevant and essential for you and your family’s survival in the event of a catastrophe. What’s more, if you don’t like it, you are free to request for a complete refund courtesy of their 60-day exclusive guarantee. Take precaution, be prepared, and have yourself a copy of The Lost Ways!

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